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If you have a high speed (ADSL/Cable) internet connection then why not share it with your other computers?
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What about ...

So, you've got your new PC, new whiz-bang piece of hardware or new piece of software... What now? Don't get frustrated, get educated. Our training is carried out in the comfort of your own home or business on the computer system(s) you use everyday.

Our tutors are patient, experienced and understanding. No jargon, just plain english and we encourage you to be at the controls during your lessons.

  Understanding Your Computer
2 Hours

An invaluable course for those that want to become more productive with their computer and more importantly with their time. Learn the basics of Windows and basic troubleshooting. Tuition covers:

Understanding your Windows desktop, basic file management (creating folders, copying/moving files, etc), arranging the start menu, creating shortcuts, installing programs and more.

  Web Browsing and Email
2 Hours

Our most popular introductory course that will give you the basics and confidence to get the most from your internet experience. Tuition covers:

Outlook/Outlook Express: Learn all about address books, sorting your mail into folders, making changes to your email settings and more.

Web browsing: Learn about bookmarks/favorites, searching the internet, making online bookings, meeting friends, downloading and lots more.

2 Hours

An introductory course designed to let you get the most from your creative hardware (Digital Camera, Photo Printer, etc). Tuition covers:

Understanding your camera, breaking through the jargon (megapixels, shutter speed, etc), transferring photos onto your PC, removing red-eye, organising your photo collection, emailing photos, resizing photos, printing your photos and more

  CD/DVD Burning
2 Hours

An introductory course designed to allow you to harness the power of your CD or DVD burner. Tutition covers:

Understanding your hardware and software, making music CDs, backing up your data onto CD or DVD, capturing your home movies on DVD and more.

  MS Office
2 Hours

An introductory course designed to familiarise you with the power of Word, Excel and Powerpoint and give you the confidence to create attactive and professional documents whether they be letters, spreadsheets or presentations. Tuition covers:

Word: Understanding the menus, text formatting, printing, savings, creating tables and a whole lot more.

Excel: Understanding spreadsheets, basic calculations, spreadsheet formatting, understanding tabs and workbooks and more.

Powerpoint: Introduction to Powerpoint, creating presentations (including slide shows), using templates and more.

  Instant Messaging
1 Hour

Instant Messaging allows you to communicate in real time (via text, voice and webcam) with friends and/or relatives whereever they reside in the world. Tution covers:

Installing/setting up MSN Messenger, adding contacts, configuring your webcam, speakers & microphone, sending messages, sharing files and more.

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